Monday 9 March 2015

The Above and Beyond Party Candidate THOM BROWN, SHEFFIELD CENTRAL

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Full name: Thomas Henry Brown

Date of birth: 31/01/1995

Occupation: Full-time student at the University of Sheffield, studying Politics and Philosophy

From where? Born in Oxford but currently living in Chipping Norton and Sheffield.

Why I am standing: 'As a student, I understand the frustration among my peers at the current system and its limited options. A healthy democracy requires that every citizen feels they can voice their views on how they wish the country to be run. With ‘None of the Above’ on ballots, the people I interact with daily, who are interested in politics but uninterested in the narrow representative democracy as it is, are given the chance to make a meaningful contribution.'

Hopes for the campaign: 'This campaign has the potential to attract the 40% of Sheffield Central residents who felt they had no one worth voting for at the last general election. Furthermore, the Liberal Democratic surge in 2010 is set to disappear after their betrayal of students and I hope this campaign can convince people not to simply vote for the least bad option, but to vote for None of the Above.'

Hobbies and interests: Playing football, watching football (Aston Villa), other political related campaigns, running, playing guitar, writing stories and drawing cartoons.

If you are interested in helping Thom click here to email us. You can follow him on Twitter @ThomBrown19

If you would like to donate to Thom's campaign click here

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