Friday 9 May 2014

7 Candidates so far for Newark by election and latest betting Conservatives Labour Patriotic Socialist Party
@RogerHelmerMEP UKIP 

Lord Byro, the link has the History of how Elvis beat the LibDems

Dick Rogers - The Common Good @dick_rodgers

David Watts - Lib Dems 

Some great stats found by

Newark constituency census data, 2011:

Total population: 98,937

Total aged 18+: 78,885

Total aged 50+: 40,169
Percentage of voting age population aged 50+: 50.9%

(a) This doesn't take into account the fact that older people are more likely to vote.
(b) The population will have aged slightly since 2011.

Therefore the majority of voters voting in the Newark by-election will probably be roughly over 55 years of age.

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