Friday 2 May 2014


Well the date has been set and it will be the 5th June, which coincides with the 39th anniversay of the last time the UK voted on the EU. If UKIP don't make use of this then, well! they shouldn't be in politics. Quite an open goal left by the Tories.

But it seems since Farage has stated he won't go for it, and all other parties shouting "Chicken!" at him. UKIPs odds of winning Newark have slumped with the bookies from 2/1 to 9/2 and all the money seems to be going on Labour with 90% of bets taken for them and has driven down the price from 4/1 to 9/4

It will be interesting to see how this pans out especially as AndyALS found another stat from 2004 that makes good reading for everyone bar the Tories.

Newark & Sherwood, 2004 Euro elections:

Con: 10.803
UKIP: 9,488
Lab: 7,601
LD: 4,543
Green: 1,953
BNP: 1,914

Much closer than the 2010 and considering this will be just after a European election who will have the wind in their sails?

As of yet still just the two candidates put forward

for Conservatives and Labour

3rd candidate declared from the Patriotic Socialist Party

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