Tuesday 20 May 2014


Voting intentions poll shows LAB 28% (+1), UKIP 31% (-5), CON 21% (+3), LIB DEM 7% (-3), OTHER 13% (+4)

The last TNS poll before the European elections shows that UKIP are currently leading Labour by three points ahead of Thursday’s vote. However, the recent negative press coverage of UKIP and Nigel Farage seems to have had an impact and the projected vote share for UKIP has fallen by five points from 36% to 31% since the last TNS poll published on 30th April. If this trend continues Labour are best placed to take advantage from their current position of second on 28%.

Notes to editors
TNS interviewed a representative sample of 1,217 people between 15 – 19 May 2014.
All interviews were conducted as online self-completion. The data is weighted to match population totals for age, sex, social grade, working status, presence of children, 2010 general election voting patterns and region.
The voting intention figures have been filtered to show the results for those that would “definitely vote” in the European elections and those that “preferred not to say” who they would vote for have been excluded from the results.

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