Wednesday 7 May 2014

Has Labours lead dropped because we are less worried?

The first Yougov poll is from Jan when they were showing a 5% lead for the Labour party

The second Yougov poll is from today, in between time Labour had seen a steady growth in the gap but it has now gone down to just 1% over the past week.

The two links are to the corresponding polls.

The difference is not just that the Conservatives have caught up with the Labour Party, and may well have overtaken them if it wasn't for the surge of support for UKIP, but everyone seems less worried

List of Questions from the two yougov polls

Thinking about the next two or three years, how worried are you that people like you will...

  not have enough money to live comfortably 

In January 64% of all voters were worries they couldn't live comfortably, today that is down to 59%

 be victims of burglary, robbery or mugging

Back in January 44% of people were worried today that is down to 35%

 suffer directly from cuts in spending on public services such as health, education and welfare'

This had risen to it's peak in January of 65% but is down to 62%

 lose out because foreign factories and/or workers from abroad can do the same job more cheaply

In January 49% of people were worried today 42% of people are worried

In all of the sections people seem to be upto 7% less worried than they were 4 months ago,
does this have a direct correlation with Labours lead dropping to one where it had been a constant 5 or 6 percent?



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