Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Ladbrokes Euro Election Betting Guide

Here is a betting guide to the Euro Elections from Ladbrokes Link

If you know a bit about politics, but not much about betting (or visa-versa), hopefully I can help explain what some of your betting options are on Thursday’s Euro elections. You can find all of the odds on our website.
Most of these bets are just about how many votes the main parties will get in Great Britain, so no need to be an expert on the way the seats are allocated or what will happen in any particular region. The BBC have had a go at explaining that here.
Simple; which of the parties will get the most votes? UKIP have been ahead in the majority of recent polls, and over 80% of all the money staked on this market at Ladbrokes has been for them. But could this be a bubble waiting to burst, and will another Eurosceptic party nick some of their votes? I’ve written about that possibility here.
The Liberal Democrats and Greens are in a battle for fourth place, who’ll come out on top in terms of votes?
Which order will the three main runners finish in? Most polls have it as UKIP-Lab-Con, but it’s pretty close, so a surprise result isn’t out of the question.
What percentage of the vote will UKIP get? The highest poll rating they’ve got this month was 35% but they have also been as low as 24% .
How many seats will the Liberal Democrats win? Most of their supporters seem fairly confident they will get at least three. I’ve gone for two, and have written some more here about this market.
  • Although the vote is on Thursday, the counting doesn’t begin until Sunday evening (thanks to some faceless unelected Eurocrats, naturally). We’ll have some betting available right up until it’s all done and dusted.
  • If you are interested in the betting for the voting in Northern Ireland and the Republic, we’ve got some odds for those as well here.
  • All of the odds here are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change.

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