Monday 26 May 2014


UK EUROPEAN ELECTION RESULTS <<< This link has all the votes and split of MEPs across the region

Re-elected MEPs (37)

Gerard Batten (UKIP)
Roger Helmer (UKIP)
Stuart Agnew (UKIP)
Nigel Farage (UKIP)
William Dartmouth (UKIP)
Paul Nuttall (UKIP)
Claude Moraes (Lab)
Mary Honeyball (Lab)
Glenis Willmott (Lab)
Richard Howitt (Lab)
David Martin (Lab)
Catherine Stihler (Lab)
Derek Vaughan (Lab)
Linda McAven (Lab)
Emma McClarkin (Con)
Syed Kamall (Con)
Charles Tannock (Con)
Vicky Ford (Con)
Geoffrey van Orden (Con)
David Campbell Bannerman (Con)
Jacquline Foster (Con)
Sajjd Karim (Con)
Daniel Hannan (Con)
Nirj Deva (Con)
Richard Ashworth (Con)
Ashley Fox (Con)
Julie Girling (Con)
Kay Swinbourne (Con)
Philup Bradbourn (Con)
Anthea McIntyre (Con)
Timothy Kirkhope (Con)
Keith Taylor (Green)
Jean Lambert (Green)
Ian Hudghton (SNP)
Alyn Smith (SNP)
Catherine Bearder (LD)
Jill Evans (Plaid)

Newly elected MEPs (33)

Margot Parker (UKIP)
Patrick O'Flynn (UKIP)
Tim Aker (UKIP)
Jonathan Arnott (UKIP)
Louise Bours (UKIP)
Steen Woolfe (UKIP)
David Coburn (UKIP)
Janice Atkinson (UKIP)
Diane James (UKIP)
Ray Finch (UKIP)
Julia Reid (UKIP)
Nathan Gill (UKIP)
Jill Seymour (UKIP)
James Carver (UKIP)
Bill Etheridge (UKIP)
Jane Collins (UKIP)
Amjad Bashir (UKIP)
Mike Hookem (UKIP)
Judith Kirton-Darling (Lab)
Paul Brannen (Lab)
Lucy Anderson (Lab)
Seb Dance (Lab)
Therese Griffin (Lab)
Afzal Khan (Lab)
Julie Ward (Lab)
Anneliese Dodds (Lab)
Claire Moody (Lab)
Neena Gill (Lab)
Sion Simon (Lab)
Richard Corbett (Lab)
Andrew Lewer (Con)
Ian Duncan (Con)
Molly Scott Cato (Green)

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