Sunday, 1 March 2015

We helped persuade YOUGOV to show the opinions of GREEN voters  <<< Follow the link if you would like to join the YOUGOV panel and have your opinions heard

As you can see from the link above we have been loyal to YOUGOV but have challenged them when needs be.

So today in the great tradition of media headlines of "It was US that won it!" I think this blog and our followers can take a small pat on the back for persuading YOUGOV to include the Green Party in their sub section for voters.

Linkto the Opinion Polls

We have for a while done our YOUGOV (Voting intentions V .............. ) Whether it be Who'd you want for PM? Who you would you give a Valentines to? Or Do you believe in Ghosts?

We have been able to split down by Conservatives, Labour, LibDems & UKIP but not Greens or SNP and every time we get asked on twitter why hadn't we included greens or SNP? The reason was that we couldn't because YOUGOV never split down the sub sections from Greens & SNP to be included.

So, as you can see from the tweets below we have asked YOUGOV to include them. We are now half way there. we have had the Green Party included in the latest YOUGOV Opinion polling. link

So THANK YOU followers you did make a difference, and as no one else claimed the win, so we thought we would do so.

There has been many more tweets but it would mean looking back much further thru our tweet history

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