Wednesday 4 March 2015


We would like to Thank @havesomenew For taking up our offer of 
Would you like free advertising for your political party or #GE2015 Campaign? 

The above link has the details of how to advertise your party or campaign If you would like us to do this for you then mail us at .

You are only NOT accepted if...
1) Your party did appear on the list of parties getting millions pounds of donations last year
2) You hate/dislike other people for where they happen to come from or how they happen to be.

We are building a brighter future for everyone, where we can all have a say in how we run our society.
We believe in:
  • optimism; we will make a better future by working together
  • true democracy; where everyone's input is taken into account
  • rational decision making based on sound evidence
  • decentralised power and control
  • working together as a species to solve the really big problems
  • civil liberties and human rights; the marks of a civilised society
  • public ownership of essential services and assets
  • the elimination of poverty and want, through strong social safety nets
We are standing candidates for election, to change the system from the inside, on an open manifesto that you can contribute to. It will be a long and hard fight, but everything worthwhile always is.
Be part of a better future. Be part of Something New.


We're building a movement for a better democracy. We already have allies; could your party be next?


These are our candidates for the upcoming elections in 2015. If you'd like to join them, take a look at our page on standing for election!
If there isn't a candidate in your area, take a look at our allies - maybe there is another similar party you can vote for!

UK Parliamentary Candidates

Constituency Candidate
SW Surrey
James Smith
Paul Robinson

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