A MAN who claimed he hadn't been in a betting shop for ten years has walked into a branch of William Hill close to Parliament and staked £20,500 on different aspects of the General Election.
'The gentleman, described as 'late middle-aged' by staff, was dressed in a suit jacket, casual trousers and t-shirt. He told staff it was the first time he'd been in a betting shop for a decade and that last time he'd bet 'a tenner' on a football bet, but that he now fancied a bet on the General Election.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
The man then bet ELEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS on the Conservatives to get 285 or more seats at odds of 4/7 (returns £18,000); FOUR THOUSAND pounds on a voter turnout of 70-75% at odds of 9/4 (returned £13,000); TWO THOUSAND pounds on the Conservatives to win between 301-325 seats at 11/4 (returns £7500); TWO THOUSAND pounds on the Lib Dems to get 21-30 seats at 4/6 (returns £3332) and ONE THOUSAND pounds on voter turnout of over 75% at 10/1 (returns £11,000).
'This may not have been the biggest bet on the General Election - that honour belongs to one of our clients with £205,500 (to get back £251,944) on a Hung Parliament (the biggest ever General Election bet) - but it is a substantial wager, and perhaps the most intriguing we have taken as the gentleman gave no explanation as to why he has chosen to rekindle his betting interest after ten years, with a political gamble placed in a branch very close to Parliament. Mayve the clue is in the location!'
WILLIAM HILL have shortened their odds for a Hung Parliament yet again, this time from 1/12 to 1/16. 'It will now cost you £16 to win £1 by betting on a Hung Parliament' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'Just six months ago the odds were 2/5 - £5 to win £2 - so this has definitely been the biggest price plunge of the Election campaign - which will see up to £25million gambled on the outcome.'
ELECTION OUTCOME....15/8 Labour minority govt: 3/1 Con-LD coalition; 9/2 Con minority; 8/1 Lab-LD coalition; 9/1 Con majority; 9/1 Coalition involving SNP; 20/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 25/1 Coalition involving DUP; 33/1 Con-Lab coalition; 40/1 Lab majority; 66/1 Coalition involving Greens; 500/1 Lib Dem majority;.500/1 Ukip majority.