Sunday 3 May 2015

POLL - Which UK TV Channel will you be MOSTLY watching the General Election results on?

So a simple question, whose election night coverage do you plan to watch?

BBC One / BBC News / BBC Parliament / BBC Wales / BBC Scotland / BBC Northern Ireland
2155 – 0600: Election 2015
0600 – 0900: Election 2015
0900 – 1300: Election 2015

2155 – 0600: Election 2015
0600 – 0925: Good Morning Britain
0925 – 1230: ITV News Special

Channel 4
2100 – 2130: Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night
2130 – 2200: The Last Leg Election Special
2200 – 2300: Gogglebox
2300 – 0000: Paxman and Mitchell
0000 – 0600: The Results

2200 – 2300: The Pub Landlord Election Special

Sky Arts 1
2150 – 0800: Election Newsroom LIVE

Sky News will be broadcasting from 2100 until "the last declaration" (something they have done since 1992

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  1. If you really support socialists, please stop urging people in Scotland to vote SNP! Left Unity TUSC is standing in Edinburgh North and Leith (myself, Bruce Whitehead) and there are another 10 TUSC candidates across Scotland; however there are plenty of Green candidates too so please ask folk to vote for them in preference to SNP. And then I'm afraid it has to be Labour or spoil you paper; the snp are: using contractors in dundee which blacklist union members; wasted £2bn on a new Forth road bridge we didnt need; cutting 60,000 public sector jobs; cutting £22m in Edinburgh council spending etc etc. They are Tartan Tories and we are fighting hard against them. Please remove your pro-SNP stuff asap! Thanks, Bruce (also you don't mention my candidacy on your Let Unity page)


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