Monday 4 May 2015

This blog formally endorses NO ONE

I find every time I publish a stat which is bad or good for a political party, whomever it doesn't favour will attack me for being pro the other side, and this can change within a day when the stat is reversed and is pleasing to them but not to someone else.

But today I have come to a conclusion which has been aided by being asked several times 2 questions by work colleagues and family.

What do you think the result will be?
Who are you going to vote for?

In answer to the first I say it will be a Hung Parliament with a very likely outcome of that we will be doing this all again in September.

For the second question I have said I don't know.

Today I have decided. NO ONE

I ran a poll a few weeks ago asking people Have you ever regretted who you have voted for in a UK General Election? 72% currently say they have. Now I can honestly say I have NEVER! regretted who I have voted for. But I do not like the aftermath of an election, when a huge sweeping statement is made saying that the numbers of people who have voted for a politician or party then give a mandate to everything that person or party does.

There is so many questions about, health, the economy, social responsibility, the UK as a whole. No one party has a single view point where as what they have to offer ticks all my boxes or even goes half way to ticking all the boxes.

Now many people have a specific agenda, or have been running their own campaign. MICRO PARTIES WHO WILL BE FIGHTING THE 2015 GENERAL ELECTION as you can find on that link. Great for them, they have found that what can be classed as the main stream parties is not for them, So have put their money where their mouth is and put up £500 a time to stand as a MP.

Lots of people have that same passion, whether it be for main stream or non mainstream parties and will obviously vote as they see fit.

For me, I feel that the FPTP system which we have is no longer fit for the myriad of parties and aspirations which this country has, it is no longer a lower class red team versus a middle / upper class blue team. Life is much more diverse than this.

We need proportional representation so that when a person votes they can feel that it is adding to a greater pot and not lost like a drop of water in a flood if they live in safe seat for a particular party.

So for me I won't be voting, I suggest you do what you feel, but don't feel pressured by the statement "If you don't vote you can't have a say!"

You pay your taxes you live in the UK if you exercise your right not to vote that is your choice.

Maybe when you see stats like 75% of an electorate didn't vote for the MP that won, then maybe people could be motivated to change the system.

So I wish all those who have put themselves forward good luck, But we won't be voting for anyone and I will be looking through the stats to see how many others did the same. I expect an increase in apathy. Which is a shame but a statement of fact on how politics is today.

We seem to be going through the motions of an election which no one party wants to win as they will be the ones forced to make the difficult decisions which could make them unpopular for future elections and keep them out in the cold for a while. Everyone seems to say when things go wrong, that they would have done it differently.

Hindsight is perfect for the politician if only they were as good at what they should do in the future as they say they would have done in the past.

Roll on Thursday night.

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  1. You could spoil your ballot & write on it a message about the system needing changing?


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