Thursday 7 May 2015


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There is not a team of people just me and my loving wife, and the wife is going to bed to let me enjoy my political porn. if you want to follow me on TWITTER then the handle is @UKELECTIONS2015

I will be updating here as quickly as I can with bits and bobs I come across during this evening. Let the fun begin

3.02am Well you have to admit, this is amazing night, which you couldn't really have thought was going to happen. Spending time on Twitter now @UKELECTIONS2015

2.25am Scotland results just coming in. with 25% plus SWING results coming in for the SNP

1.58am BBC saying that with Conservatives doing so well they could get a overall majoirty

1.38am So far their seems to be swings from Lab to Con, and LDs is just ahead of the Greens

1.18am 1st result from London in Tooting. Labour hold but negligible swing Con to Lab

1.05 am UKIP Seemed to be taking Labour votes more than Conservative votes and LibDems are in collapse

0.42 am Swindon North needed a 7% swing Conservative to Labour for Labour to gain, Conservative HOLD

0.26 am A lull as the BBC dig great holes for themselves, saying precisely how well the Conservatives will do and how bad the LibDems are going to do

0.00 We now look at Scotland with SNP looking to overturn massive Labour Majorities. But may hold seats in Edinburgh due to other parties voters moving to them to stop the SNP

11.41pm Still not looking good for the LibDems 3 results 3 lost deposits and out voted by Green candidates

11.24pm 2 declarations in Sunderland 2 lost deposits for LibDems

11.03pm Rumour has it that Ed Balls could lose his seat of Morley & Outwood

10.54pm First result of the evening and lost deposit for LibDems Houghton & Sunderland South

10.32pm BBC are forecasting the top target seats for Labour from Conservatives as too close to call, and they should have all been easy Labour GAINS.

10.21 pm first result hoped for at 10.40 from Houghton & Sunderland South

10.08 pm essentially Conservative & LibDems 326 Labour & SNP 297

10.01 pm EXIT POLL


9.47 pm

9.30 pm Just getting settled, and abour 15 windows open. Exit poll at 10pm will be the starters pistol, but it is quite a run to the first fence which is Houghton & Sunderland South, which will tell us little more than they count fast in Sunderland, and just how much support has gone back to Labour and if UKIP has made any in roads.

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