Monday 4 February 2013

10% of UKIP voters want to stay in Europe

I was just having a look back through the opinion polls from last week when i came across this one.


I think it shows that either some people will say anything to anyone having not quite understood the question or there is a real pro European wing to UKIP. Of the 102 who would vote for UKIP 92 would vote OUT of Europe which is in essence the main purpose of the party but 10 would vote to stay IN. Why would you be in a party when its one mandate is to get the country out of the European Union.

The BNP also suffers from the same problem (well of course it has a lot of problems) but of the four souls they could find which would vote for them 1 still wanted to be in Europe so I could have used the headline of 25% of BNP supporters want to stay in Europe. But considering the low hit rate of finding a BNP supporter they might have said NO when they meant YES. Bit like when asked are you going to vote BNP meaning to say NO when they said YES.

Lib Dem polling still looks like a dropped plate on the floor with its contents being spread in every direction so is their support from 2010 as it seems to be wanting to vote for everyone else now only keeping 31% of the voters of 2010.

Statistics are great you can almost give them any conclusion you want with the confidence of if they don't match the actual result you can blame the pollster and not how you interpreted them.

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