Wednesday 20 February 2013

How will this effect the next election?

The BBC have an article on their website Why have the White British left London?

It almost looks like a recruitment tool for the BNP as it shows a dramatic decrease of White Britons from many areas up to 30% in some cases. It is almost as though they are being driven out. Where you had a high street of butcher, baker & (have you ever seen a candlestick maker?) But you will find the Halal supermarket and the Polish Pub which was once the Duke of Wellington.

In political terms only one party has flourished under these conditions. The party of benefits (new,one nation, old) they have had that many prefixes you lust wonder what to call them. Labour!.

My only thought is at what point will we have so many immigrants that they set up their own party? Will we see a Muslim party of Great Britain? How would that effect the schematics of the next election?

Things are certainly changing just what does the future hold?

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