Tuesday 12 February 2013



Is the twitter account for the three.

Funny though how you will find a BBC lovey and a script writer for Spitting Image/Have I got News for you. It's as though the Labour supporters have infiltrated to brain wash the nation. (or is that just paranoid thinking?)

John O’Farrell is an author and broadcaster – best known in Labour circles for his book “Things can only get better”. He grew up in Maidenhead, where he stood as Labour’s candidate in the 2001 General Election (which was the subject of the BBC documentary Losing My Maidenhead). O’Farrell has also published four novels, and was a writer on both Spitting Image and Have I Got News For You, as well as being a former columnist for both The Independent and The Guardian.

Sarah Rabbitts is a communications professional who has worked for the BBC and as a consultant for six years. She’s a new member of the Vauxhall Executive Committee and a local Labour campaigner. She only became a active member 18 months ago – however, she has been writing about key party issues in Labour Uncut and supporting campaigns including One Billion Rising. Sarah studied at the College of Law in York and the University of Manchester - and grew-up in Surrey, the North-East and East Anglia.

Darren Paffey is a Labour Councillor for Peartree Ward in nearby Southampton. He’s also a lecturer in Spanish and Linguistics at the University of Southampton. He has lived in Santiago, Chile where he also taught English and researched bilingual education policy.

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I would be incredibly surprised if it was the local councillor it is more likely to be an air lifted lovey. Then again if they go councillor you know Labour don't think they will win it.

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