Monday 18 February 2013


I had almost wondered where the other parties were in this contest, it seems those who can make the most controversy get heard the loudest. But then I saw this article about the English Democrat candidate. Will he nick some votes from old Lib Dems, well he had been left for over 10 years. Will he be contesting with the main pack or will he just hope to be leader of the minor parties. I think if anything there is a lot of duplication when you have UKIP and a Christian party standing as well. With such a diverse range of views isn't it time for proportional representation so not just the loudest voice gets heard but every voice?
Michael Walters English Democrats

A former Liberal Democrat constituency party chairman and election agent has been selected as the English Democrat candidate for the Eastleigh by-election.
Michael Walters is the English Democrats current Kent County chairman, and previously contested Dover for the ED in the 2010 General Election.
Michael claims he left the Lib Dems in 2002 after being ordered by his former party to remove the word “Christian” from his County Council leaflets
A committed Anglican he has been a Christian Aid doorstep collector for the last twenty years, a Parochial Church Council member and ‘Churches Together’ representative. he is also a member of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch and poppy tin Distributor.
The English Democrats press release reads:
“Getting our economy going and beating the recession is a priority for many Eastleigh households who are now experiencing unemployment or having to apply for state benefits to make ends meet.
“ The much vaunted localism bill that has seen residents’ views bulldozered in favour of continued housing development shows that saying no and opposing planning applications has been made difficult if not impossible.
“Michael Walters looks forward to offering the electorate of Eastleigh a real alternative choice to the main parties whose policies have brought us nearer a triple dip recession and more financial gloom for families and individuals alike.”

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