Sunday 10 February 2013

36% OF Eastleigh electorate would vote UKIP

 The last poll we had been given was from the Tory supporting Lord Ashcroft. We have now a survey from survation which gives the Lib Dems the lead and the Tories a headache as the Lib Dem support does not seem phased by why Chris Huhne had to resign and how 36% of the electorate would consider voting UKIP. This is a squeeze from both ends.

Eastleigh Headline Voting Intention, (change since 2010 General Election*)
LD 36% (-10.7%)
Labour 13% (+3.8%)
Conservative 33% (-6.3%)
UKIP 16% (+12.9%)
Other 2% (+0.6%)

Source of polling

Would you consider voting UKIP?
Yes 24%
Maybe 12%
No 47%
Don’t know 17%

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