Thursday 28 February 2013



RAY HALL may never get elected but I certainly agree with a majority of what he has to say. We do differ over Europe though.

I have about 20 proposals to beat austerity with no cutting, all cures.

1.    The Beer, Baccy & Crumpet Party would reduce the Excise Duty to zero on Draught Beer served in Pubs, clubs and restaurants etc. This would halt the closure of these iconic and very British Heritage institutions.  2000 jobs per year would be saved and The Revenue would still collect Excise Duty and VAT from the other sales from these establishments.
2.    A pub is often the hub of a community and a vital meeting place. Many Pubs have closed since the smoking ban. Although now a non-smoker I think we should consider a smoking area in pubs that would not inconvenience other customers. I am not being trite! Can you imagine our magnificent country without a pub? Gotta act now! Before its too late! This is a win win win win position. The village keeps its pub, the staff still have a job, the drinker his pint, the Inland Revenue it’s tax and no one is on the dole.

3.    Thirdly we must curb the practices of the Banks and Financial Institutions robbing and ripping us off. Most banks, are owned by us and licenced by regulation. Ineffective.  My edict is that USURY practices must cease forthwith.

Currently when an account customer goes a small sum over his/her limit, say by just £1, the following day banks slap a £30 to £40 penalty on them. In my book this is blatent usury, by the back door, at an interest rate of over 10,000% (ten thousand percent).

Henceforth, if the customer repays the sum within 7 days they will only pay the appropriate interest. This edict will also apply to other financial and utility companies.

In the war against austerity it is essential that incomes are not diminished by sharp practice. Rather they should be spent in the community to the betterment of society, not fat bloated bankers.

4.    Student Loans. Barefaced lies from the Lib Dems promised abolition. They reneged when it came to the crunch and they were in power.

Our students are the lifeblood of this country, the seed corn that will produce the next harvest. Politicians should be ashamed, not just the Lib Dems the whole rotten bunch who’ve failed to rectify the problem. 

Don’t worry guys I have an idea that may reduce your debts at the end of courses by 66 2/3% Therefore a £30K loan will become £10K payable by the student via Tax Code.

The other £20K will be paid via parents and grandparents, many of whom have enjoyed enormous windfall appreciation on property values. As with student loans generally, means testing would apply.

I don’t think its fair for students to be saddled with debt. Its psychologically damaging and fiscally problematic. For example, go for a mortgage and it might count against you.

5.    Parking Charges and Penalties can vary enormously, however another BB&C edict is that they should be free for the first 20 minutes then 50p per hour. It works well in Wickham, Hants. Penalty charges would be £10.00 max for not paying and 50p per minute for overstay.

Remember we own this land and expect fair and reasonable service from the local administrators. Reasonable Parking charges will encourage High St trading currently being lost to The Malls, who don’t charge parking !! Benefits hence; convenience, less shop closure, greener shopping trips.

6.    Fuel charges keep rising, Gas, electric and petrol. Something can be done here in regard to charging.  Everybody will automatically be placed on the lowest tariff, as per David Camerons edict, but I go further. Energy companies will not be allowed to raise funds for future investment by inflating the cost of energy used. Development costs should be arranged when needed. If you bought a car for £20K, you wouldn’t pay an extra £2K towards the next model.

7.    I would like to reassure pensioners who have told me that they are concerned about losing their £200 vital winter fuel allowances and their essential bus passes.  I promise to give it my best shot!

8.    The new proposed rail link London to Birmingham then West and Eastwards should be put on hold.  Its too expensive at £30 billion. And the benefits; 20 minutes less travelling time to Birmingham? Incidental, who cares? Not to mention the environmental damage to some beautiful countryside.

9.    Stop shilly shallying over the new Airport Runway for London. Heathrow should be the best option, get cracking we need it.

10.                       Eastleigh Civic Centre is planning a move to new buildings nearer the Town Centre, according to planning boards in the current offices. Can the Lib Dem councillors advise on the costs which might be born by the ratepayers? To me it seems crazy to move a mile or so into the town centre and at the same time move away from 90% of the regions. Is this move essential or is it just Lib Dem profligacy? What parking will be available, if any? Beer, Baccy & Crumpet policy is that the Civic Offices should remain where they are, until such time as the financial situation improves.

11.                       For big savings and a fair deal to families with children, cancel the plans to means test Family Allowance.  It is unfair. Savings would arise through less bureaucracy. Better that HMRC tweak Tax Code and high earners pay a little more tax, but retain their family allowance..

12.                       For Mansion tax read jealousy tax. Most of these homeowners give massive benefits to the community.  They give work for upkeep, rates, tax, and other taxes, conversely they take less – e.g. NHS, Education, Spend more in the markets creating more jobs. This tax is unfair because a portfolio may contain a property worth £1.8 million, a pension pot worth £2 million an art collection worth £2 million, a stamp collection worth £1 million, a classic car collection worth £1 million and a yacht worth £500K. A portfolio total of £8.3 million would not attract any tax. A widow may reside in the family home worth £2million and be forced to pay £20,000 per annum and only have an income of £10,000 

13.                       Organ transplant system. A person who gives a kidney, a donor does so on a lease basis.  Therefore if the donor’s remaining kidney fails he would be able to end the lease.  His old kidney would be re attached and the original recipient should be able to find a new donor from a list with far more donors due to the lease lend system. The donors listed would enjoy priority if they themselves needed an organ, possibly a liver or heart, thus encouraging donors to come forward.

14.                       Capital punishment should be reintroduced for premeditated murder. Subject to EU regulations.

15.                       Solicitors and professional fees tend to be expensive for the ordinary working person and may come as a terrible shock at the end of a case. I would propose that professional fees are clearly displayed for clients to peruse before undertaking these services.

16.                       Prisoners should be made to work for their keep and incarceration, television and other recreational benefits.

17.                       Regarding the current income tax rates, the 10p tax rate cancelled by Gordon Brown and raised to 20p should be re-introduced immediately, to help poorer people suffering inflationary problems.

18.                       Devolution. I believe that we are one of the main players in the European union of 27 nations and that rather than leave we should sort out the problems in the European Parliament. Hopefully the Scottish people will take the same stance at their forthcoming referendum and remain within the European Union and the family of Great Britain.

19.                       Tourism is a core business for the UK. This should be aggressively promoted. There are enormous benefits to be made.

20.                       Men in grey suits should make way for men in boiler suits.

What are your thoughts?

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