Thursday 21 February 2013

How much does a vote cost? Answer. £1,000

 It seems that even the smaller parties can get big donations these days. Just eat donated 72 grand to Mr Mozzarella. But with him gaining only 73 votes this meant they only got a return of just under a grand a vote. Thats one hell of a tip to the chef.

An "anti-cookery" political party represented by an "Italian takeaway chef" called Mr Mozzarella has received more than £72,000 in donations.
The Don't Cook Party, which took part in the recent Corby by-election, was given all the money by an online food ordering company.
The donation took place in the last three months of 2012.
Gifts to the Tories and Lib Dems fell for the year as a whole, but Labour's rose, the Electoral Commission said.
Corby, which was contested after Tory MP Louise Mensch resigned, was taken by Labour in November's by-election.
'Slavin' away' Mr Mozzarella netted just 73 votes, despite the donation of £72,712.26 from Just Eat - almost £1,000 per vote so far.
The campaign focused on a dislike of celebrity chefs who, it was claimed, are re-awakening too much interest in cooking and therefore damaging takeaway businesses.
Prior to the election, Mr Mozzarella put out a broadcast, saying: "Me and my fellow takeaway chefs of Great Britain is angry. We is slavin' away in hot kitchens up and down the country ready to deliver your dinner, and yet many many people are trying to cook for themselves.
"Why you want to waste your time cooking these '15-minute meals' which actually take two hours, and tastes no good, when you could be sitting down, 'avin' a chat, or watching the telly?"
A spokesman for Just Eat said they donated to the Don't Cook Party "as we stand for the same things - the right to have a night off from cooking. We are thrilled that the Don't Cook Party, and Mr Mozzarella, stepped into the political debate".

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