Thursday 28 February 2013


It draws close to the end of voting and there will be many twist I think before the end of the night. I have had many rumours that UKIP will run the Liberal Democrats very closely. If you have any rumours leave them in the comments section.

first rumour from a local UKIP activist

Local press are calling it for UKIP! I can't believe it though... 2nd would be massive! #talkinglikeafeckingtwitter

I'm HEARING from a Top press source Are in front in

ok this could be for publicity but if its right..... wowzer... i think its for advertising though. it is the official Kate Moss

9.39pm Lib Dem drop from 1/9 on down to 1/5 UKIP move from 9/1 to 6/1

9.51 UKIP down to 7/2 

9.55 click here for reuters news UKIP vote surges reported 13mins ago. Is this what the rumours are about.

10.11 news from the count postal votes being counted now momentum is with UKIP but libdems dropping from hot favourites to should win, and could hold on. Not a ringing endorsement.

10.17 local news reporting UKIP doing well from the ballot box but Lib dems done well from the postal votes.

10.30 BBC saying libdem quietly optimistic and UKIP playing down their chances. seems to match betting markets lib dem shorten to 1/6 UKIP out to 6/1

10.38 betting markets spike lib dems drops to 1/14 on UKIP out to 13/1

22.46: As I said on 5live a moment ago – the only party with the real smiles on their faces tonight are UKIP. Their supporters think they’re going to see something special tonight.

22.59 Allegra Stratton on Newsnight say both Lib Dems and UKIP are saying it's neck and neck. UKIP polled well on the day, Lib Dems had a big lead on postals.

23.04 Michael Crick has been positive about UKIP all week is this another positive sign?

23.06 sky news are saying libdem likely to have retained UKIP beating Tories

Theres been a few boxes done now and all you can say is its tight between Ukip/con/lib dem

the bookies are really strengthening on libdems though. One thing is for sure Labour is definitely fourth.

Lib dems look like they have nose in front - this is working out like polls and bookies have predicted


23.38: A very credible Labour source tells me that UKIP could be as little as 2% behind the Lib Dems…. 

23.51 Unless something miraculous happens it is starting to look like a libdem win 1/19 with the bookies UKIP 2nd 15/1 as 20 of the 68 ballot boxes have been counted now. 

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