Friday 8 February 2013


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I was looking at the data from a recent opinion poll for the Eastleigh by-election and where I was going to do one post on the polling itself I thought this warranted a post all of its own.

Look at question 5, Which party do you think would have the best approach to the following issues?

It then subdivides by which party you intend to vote for and then which party you feel deals with the issue the best.

A Conservative voter has said that they feel their own party deals with all but three of the issues in the high 80's to over the 90% mark. it is just NHS, Schools and the environment where they slip down on.

NHS it is rated as 60% of its voter feels the party is best, Schools 69% and only the environment is 46% of its voters with them then switching to Lib Dem policies are best.

But a Labour voter has less confidence in its own party. Labour scores just 75% at its high water mark for Schools, NHS & Growth.

The most surprising is that one in three people who intend to vote Labour prefer the policy of the Conservatives on immigration and welfare reform. So just how strong is a Labour voter and how easy would it be to sway them to the Conservatives.

As for a Lib Dem voter they say they will vote Lib Dem but actually prefer Conservative policy on 5 issues over their own party they intend to vote for.

Obviously this is a former Tory strong hold and they will have tendencies to be fond of the party. But just how loyal is a voter? If this a snapshot of the UK it seems a Tory voter stays loyal where as other parties voters already feel other parties do better than the one they intend to vote for so what is to stop them from turning?

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