Thursday 7 February 2013


Below is the result from the PCC election which only happened three months ago. Seeing where the UKIP candidate came you can see why Farage wasn't so keen to stand as they look unlikely to win. The Labour vote looks strong and gave the Tories a run for their money. I still think the 12/1 for a labour win could be a good use of any spare money you have as both the Tories and Lib Dems could implode on each other. Leaving all those independent and protest votes to go like rats following the pied piper to Labour.

Eastleigh Borough Council
The number of first preference votes cast for the Police and Crime Commissioner
Election on Thursday, 15 November 2012 in the Hampshire Police Area for the
Eastleigh local authority area were as follows:-
Candidate Votes
David Ian Goodall 4,180 Liberal Democrat
Simon Alexander Hayes 3,061 Independent
Don Jerrard 1,412 The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party
Michael Mates 2,788 Conservative Party Candidate
Jacqui Rayment 2,374 Labour Party Candidate
Stephen Michael West 1,508 UKIP

Electorate 96,679
Total Rejected 337 Turnout: 16.2%


  1. What utter nonsense, first off it was a PCC not PPC and a 16% turnout was pretty high considering there were some places in the country that had under 5% turnout because the majority of people did not know what it was all about. I'm sure there is nothing more Nigel Farage would love than to be UKIPs first MP but he has far more important things to do in Europe, so he is putting the party and the country before himself. Lab/Con/Lib all want to stay in the EU, the very same EU that loaned £80m to the American company Ford to close down its factory in Swathling, costing over 500 jobs and then re-open it in a non-EU country, Turkey. Do you think the people of Eastleigh have forgotten about being let down by the government and the EU so quickly. I certainly know were I will be putting my money on the Eastleigh by-election. UKIP all the way!

  2. Thank you for your reply Marty, I had a slip of the fingers there header was right, first line wrong. I must mind my P's & Q's well C's anyway in the future. You are right it was a low turnout and so not a true reflection and UKIP may do well as they have done in other recent past by elections. Do they have enough to get across the wining line? I simply don't think so. Does Labour have a momentum? I think they do. Whether I would like them to win is another matter but it is just my opinion. I think Lib Dems will do ok. Not sure if the Tories will find new ground. Will UKIP mobalize the floaters? answer, I do not know and with Labour being the credible protest vote now in folks eyes they could just sneak it. No matter what result we get it will be an interesting by election to follow.


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