Saturday 11 October 2014

Does this explain in part the rise of UKIP?

 The maps used are from

Now it has been strange of late to see that people who used to vote for the Liberal Democrats now vote for UKIP, as they are so diametrically opposed on the core subject of Europe, but they are very closely linked on the subject of protest. Now some will say that UKIP is more than just a protest vote party, but I think the maps below in part do show that where the LibDems saw an increase in their vote in 2010 these are the same regions in which UKIP are seeing their greatest gains now.

There are three maps for LibDem, Labour and Conservative areas where their vote increased.
For Labour in Scotland, is this where the SNP will be challenging for those who did vote Labour and would be wanting a change will the SNP do to Labour what UKIP seems to be doing to the LibDems and Conservatives?

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