Thursday 9 October 2014

Heywood & Middleton / Clacton by election prediction competiton

The prize will be a retweet of your twitter account as a #ff to follow from our @UKELECTIONS2015 account (nearing 5k followers), and a retweet to visit your blog or website. Our decision is final so if we judge the site or blog to be inappropriate we will not be retweeting.

So simple prediction comp.

Who will win the Heywood & Middleton / Clacton by election

Then percentage vote of the winner.

So I would say

Heywood & Middleton - Labour 48%
Clacton - UKIP 52%

Only predictions that have the correct winning party predictions for both by elections, will have a chance of winning those who correctly predict the winners will then be decided by who is closest to the percentage. Lowest score wins.

Leave your predictions and twitter account in the comments page and good luck.

Entries close at 10pm any with a time stamp after that time won't be entered. 

(please remember to leave a twitter account or use a blog log in, otherwise we have no one to assign the prize too if you win)


  1. H&M - Labour 49%
    Clacton - UKIP 55%

  2. H&M Labour 52%
    Clacton UKIP 57%

  3. Clacton - UK 58%
    H&M Labour 42%

  4. Predictions are thus:

    Clacton - OFFICIAL Loony's 92%
    Heywood & Middleton - Score Draw (as we forgot to enter someone)

  5. H&M Labour 48%
    Clacton - UKIP 56%

  6. H&M - Labour 42%
    Clacton - UKIP 48%


  7. Clacton: UKIP 52%
    Heywood and Middleton: Labour 48%

  8. Clacton: UKIP 52%
    Heywood and Middleton: Labour 48%


  9. Well, well, well, where's your predictions now?


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