Friday 10 October 2014

List of 19 Labour MPs who rebeled against the party on europe

 The Sun political editor says the next defection is more likely to be from Labour rather then the Conservatives This list contains 2 MPs who defected to UKIP and rebeled against the Conservatives

So will this list contain a Labour defector?

The names of 19 Labour MPs who voted for an EU referendum and rebelled against the three line from whip are:in October 2011

Ronnie Campbell
Rosie Cooper
Jeremy Corbyn
Jon Cruddas
John Cryer
Ian Davidson
Natascha Engel
Frank Field
Roger Godsiff
Kate Hoey
Kelvin Hopkins
Steve McCabe
John McDonnell
Austin Mitchell - retiring
Dennis Skinner
Andrew Smith
Graham Stringer
Gisela Stuart
Mike Wood

Also below is website with Labour MPs calling for a referendum on Europe

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