Thursday 18 April 2013


The four polling stations in Angmering and one in Poling will be open from 7am to 10pm and the count is expected to start in Angmering Village Hall, Station Road, at about 10.15pm.

Consevative  878 (64% -3%)
Labour 268 (20% +11%)
Lib Dem 228 (17% +8%)

CON HOLD on a swing of 7% from CON to LAB

So all the UKIP votes did not return to the Tories or the Tories lost more votes to Labour and Lib Dems than they gained back from UKIP. Still this is a safe hold for Conservatives and would have been dramatic to have been any other.

Other results

RESULT: Lilleshall, Donnngton and Muxton Parish Council. Donnington Ward

Labour 427 UKIP Thomas Hoof 255 Ind 120 Con 113 Ind 44

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