Wednesday 10 April 2013


A Wednesday by election not an every day event but here is the information

LUTON - Wigmore (Liberal Democrat died)

2011 - LD 1403/1239/1113, Con 807/787/559, Lab 786/781/734, UKIP 324
2007 - LD 1714/1591/1428, Con 618/611, Lab 432/412/385, UKIP 327
2003 - LD 1577/1518/1436, Con 358/351/336, Lab 347/307/296, UKIP 66

John MAGILL (Independent)
Lance RICHARDSON (UK Independence Party)
Marc SCHEIMANN (Green Party candidate)
Alan SKEPELHORN (Liberal Democrat)
James TAYLOR (The Labour Party Candidate)
John YOUNG (The Conservative Party Candidate)

The verification will be held at the close of poll on Wednesday 10th April 2013 and the count immediately thereafter in Committee Rooms 1 and 2, First Floor, Town Hall, Luton.

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