Monday 1 April 2013


This is from Electoral Calculus, only last month they were showing a win of 112 seats for Labour the latest predictions have lowered this win to 96

Tories up 1 since last prediction, Labour down 8 , Lib Dems up 7

Minority share up by over a 1% and still no movement on the amount of seats it will take some budging and is why LABOUR/CONSERVATIVES hold on tight to the current form of electing MPs and are against proportional representation. LIBDEM/UKIP could secure over 30% of the vote but win less than 10% of the seats. The governing party could win 35% of the vote but get 100% of the control.

Doesn't seem fair to me what are your thoughts?

Current Prediction: Labour majority 96

Party2010 Votes2010 SeatsPred VotesPred Seats
NAT 2.26%9 3.54%16
MIN 7.54%1916.71%19
Prediction based on opinion polls from 09 Mar 13 to 28 Mar 13, sampling 7,878 people.


  1. Don't care as long as Labour gets in again, so that I know I'll be in work like I was from 1996-2010?

  2. This government cannot take credit for the lower rate of inflation or the increase in the wages of the private sector. These are welcome but are not a true picture of the majority of low paid workers who are paid the minimum wage. It does not include those in the public sector who have seen no increase above the miserly 1% or no increase at all. These changes have come about as a result of oil price falls and the fall in commodity prices. The Tories seem to think that their slogan which is rolled out by every party member of; 'Sticking to the long term economic plan', will win them the election. How foolish they are. This is just another sign of how out of touch they are with the public. We are not fools. The Conservatives will never and have never been on the side of those at the lower end of the spectrum. The leader of the Tories has promised many things leading up to the election and did so before the last. How many promises did he keep in government. So why trust him again to keep the promises he makes now. The only party that will rule fairly is the Labour party. They will fight the injustices in our society. There are going to be tough times ahead, but with Labour they will be met fairly. Come on Ed, be the one to make a difference.

  3. The Tories will break their promises if they form the next government just as they have this time. No top down of the NHS. No closure of walk in centres. All 29 under threat, closed. Do we need another 5 years of the same. No way. The sooner they swap sides in parliament the better.

  4. If Labour get in the country will be in an even bigger mess than when they lost last time. They left the country in a mess and it will take another few years to repair the damage they done last time round. Do you really want this for your kids and g/kids?

    There's only one way for the country to get back to prosperity and that's with the current government.

    1. Why do people think the labour party caused the global recession?

    2. Frankly, under the last labour government, far more working class families were better off than they are now, the gap between the rich and poor was not increasing and the richest in society were asked to pay the most. Under the tories this has all been reversed with millionaires receiving an average of 40k per year tax breaks, while the poorest in society have been demonised in the right wing media and blamed for the countries problems. A vote for conservative is a vote for rich people to get richer to the detriment of the poor, sick and disabled.
      A vote for labour is a vote for fairness and morality.

  5. Promises and lies are the conservatives and lib Dems Labour will be the next government those toff nosed ponses are fiddling the books and lying about the actual uk financial status we are in more debt than we think we are VOTE LABOUR the rest are good at covering up


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