Saturday 6 April 2013

Mr Monkey to be candidate in SOUTHSHIELDS

source of story

A MYSTERIOUS Mr Monkey is prepared to contest the South Shields by-election.
The name behind South Tyneside’s notorious online blog wants to throw his, or her, hat into the political ring.
It’s understood the candidate, who is not necessarily the author of the defamatory website, wants to offer constituents a local alternative.
A source said: “Mr Monkey has been quiet in recent months, but he or she hasn’t left South Tyneside – they’ve still been in the loop.
“This person may or may not have connections with the original Mr Monkey blog – people will have to decide for themselves.”
So far, South Tyneside Council has paid £142,725 to American legal advisors to unmask those responsible for the blog. However, the ongoing four-year legal case has yet to uncover the identity of those behind the postings.
The source added: “People often joke that the folk of Shields would vote for a monkey if it wore a red Labour rosette.
“Well, Mr Monkey won’t be wearing the red rosette, but it finally gives people the chance to vote for a monkey who has their best interests at heart.” 

Well if someone does stand for the Monkey Blog they will have to state where they are from and who has backed them in the Statement of persons nominated. But I am guessing whoever has give them the run around for this long will easily side step that.

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