Friday 5 April 2013


The full results for last nights by elections can be found by clicking 7 by election results and back ground to the 7 by elections can be found by clicking HERE.

Now for the breakdown, you can have all the polling you want but people actually coming out to cast their vote is what counts. In Knowsley where it is a foregone conclusion of a Labour victory they only managed 15% turn out But in North East Linconshire it got to nearly 30% as it had enthused the electorate to come out and vote. (which UKIP duely gained)

1,272 people voted Conservative last night and they had a candidate standing in each of the seven by elections last night by contrast UKIP got 1,962 votes but only had candidates in 4 out of the 7 elections they had missed Knowsley out completely. I think UKIP missed a trick, of course it would have been difficult and probably only added a few hundred votes between the three polls. But give people the chance, get them used to voting UKIP.

But the fact that UKIP polled 54% more of a vote than Conservatives and three of the wards had never had a UKIP candidate and one seat was actually a Conservative sitting councillor would I think strike panic into the Conservative ranks.

Labour held their ground they did what they had to do no more or less, Lib Dems tried to get back what had used to be a stronghold for them in Knowsley but Labour scraped through after a recount.

The Greens got the worst result with just 14 votes now we don't know the background to this it was in the tightest fought seat of the night, but still it seems people don't readily turn to the Greens when they don't like the main parties. In that same ward the TUSC got more than the Green and Conservative candidate put together and if Labour had lost they could have blamed them for splitting their vote. Still no major movement from them.

The BNP are a joke they only managed to get double the amount of votes as ELVIS LOVES PETS did in their respective elections. At the height of things for the BNP they had got nearly 600 votes in the same ward last night they had lost 90% of its vote. The BNP have definitely left the building.

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