Saturday 13 April 2013

Just how loyal is a voter?


CON (30%) LAB (38%) LD (8%) UKIP (15%)

Is the headline rate and as I have said before it is votes that really do count this is just a filler in for between elections.

One interesting thing I noticed is that UKIP & PLAID CYMRU have the most loyal voters. One question is which party do you consider yourself as... and who would you vote for?

92% who consider themselves as being UKIP would vote UKIP.
83% who consider themselves as being Labour would vote Labour
71% who consider themselves as being a Conservative would vote Conservative
Whilst only 51% of the Liberal Democrats would vote Lib Dem. 25% of them just don't know what to do with their vote and this is with the position 5-10 most likely to vote. Very worrying for the Lib Dems if they can't even keep their core vote.

PLAID has 92% loyalty SNP 86% BNP 74% THE GREEN PARTY 63%

What are your thoughts?

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