Thursday 11 April 2013


Latest YouGov / The Sun results 10th April - CON 28%, LAB 42%, LD 12%, UKIP 11%; APP -33

Now is this the Maggie effect of people spilling their dislike of her onto the party? Or is Ed getting stronger as of yet he is still to put a foot wrong, letss see what happens when it's not such plain sailing.

UKIP still taking nearly 1 in 5 ex Tory voters , nearly 1 in 10 Lib Dems but the portion which has declined is Labour only 1 in 50 Labour voters now vote UKIP this had been up to 1 in 20 what have Labour done to get them back?

Just noticed one thing though which might be skewing the figures, either Plaid Cymru have completly collapsed in Wales or it is because Wales is lumped in with the Midlands for the purposes of this poll but Plaid Cymru only poll at 1% for Wales/Midlands. Is this right?

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