Wednesday 3 April 2013


Headline is CON 30%, LAB 43%, LD 11%, UKIP 10%; APP -35

But an interesting part of the poll which I haven't seen before is these two questions.

Which of the following do you think are the
most important issues facing the country at
this time? Please tick up to three.

And which of the following do you think are the
most important issues facing you and your
family? Please tick up to three


So in effect it's asking the respondent to the poll the difference between perceived and actual. The first question is what they perceive to be happening to the country and the second question what they feel is actually happening to them.

Pensions and tax nearly double when asked how they feel personally opposed to how it affects the country. pensions was 17% a problem for the country and 32% a problem which their family faced head on. Tax was 16% nationally and 27% for them and their family. childcare and health rose a bit when seen against the family rather the country and transport trebled from 3% for the country to 9% for the family.

Immigration dropped the biggest from a 55% problem for the country to 15% problem for the family. Europe as a problem dropped from 20% for the nation to 8% for the family.

Now as parties rally around to get peoples votes. Do they need to concentrate on the perceived threat or the ones people feel closer to home?

Your thoughts please, comments are freely open. 

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