Saturday 20 April 2013

Something for David Cameron to worry about.

UKIP Special
  • Any MP to defect to UKIP before the next General Election Evens
  • Thats the odds given by Ladbrokes so they think its a 50/50 bet that a current MP will defect to UKIP. I wonder what will be the tipping point?
  • Will it be Mays council elections? Will it be next years euros? Who will be the one to blink?

  • 2014 European Parliament elections
  • Who will get the higher vote share?

    • UKIP 4/6
    • Conservatives 11/10
    • With a year to go and UKIP still to build momentum and they are still ahead of the Tories. Will it be wipeout for the Conservatives at the council elections and a storming of the barricades by UKIP? 

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