Sunday 28 April 2013



I love polls because they are great as fillers between elections and to be honest the only thing that really matters in the political world is votes. What a person says they will do and what they will actually do is two different things.

But all the same it is good as a general consensus and can help at least guide.

Headline rate is CON 31%, LAB 40%, LD 11%, UKIP 11%

But lets delve deeper.

 Do you think Ed Miliband is doing well or badly as leader of the Labour party?

It is hardly surprising but a tory voters amount to 74% saying yes he is doing badly 68% Libdems and 87% of UKIP voters as well. But most surprising of all is that over a quarter of his own parties voters think he is doing a bad job at 28%

Ed Miliband is as popular with his own party as what Nick Clegg is with the Liberal Democrat voter at 64%

David Cameron & Nigel Farage both experience 90% loyalty from their own parties but Farage gets much great respect from other parties voters. With Farages lowest rating for doing a good job being 38% from Labour. 

Imagine that in your own constituency at the next election the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and UK Independence party all had a realistic chance of winning the seat. How would you vote?

Difference being from headline rate of simply who would you vote for anyway and who would you vote for if you thought they could win.

CON 26% (DOWN 5%) LAB 37% (DOWN 3%) LIBDEMS 12% (UP 1%) UKIP 18% (UP 7%)

Much more interesting figures when you delve deeper.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I would love to see a regional breakdown of the last poll especially the 18% UKIP regionally. I suspect 2015 will postition themselves 2nd or 3rd in many seats and in 2019 many voters will switch to UKIP to get labour out and they will win many seats.

    The more people see others voting UKIP, the more they will follow

  2. I agree people do like to join a queue. Once UKIP make a break through it may well change the face of politics. Then again it took the SNP some 40 years so nothing can be done so quickly and they will have setbacks. It is how they deal with these that will kill or cure them.


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