Friday 12 April 2013


Yesterday I blogged about Who do Tories need to appeal to? and then todays YOUGOV survey gave that immediate answer. It is of course the working class.

Here is todays YOUGOV poll click for survey

Headline rate is that Labour stayed on 42% Conservatives up 4% on 32% UKIP 11% NO CHANGE Libdems 9% down 3%

I said yesterday how when you looked at the C2DE class this is what was killing the Tories in the polls.

Yesterday it was Labour 49% Conservatives 19% UKIP 15% Lib Dems 9%

Today it is Labour 48% Conservatives 27% UKIP 13% Lib Dems 6%

ABC1 class stayed virtually the same. So where the Conservatives are trying to appeal to the ABC1 by giving them a 5% tax cut. In reality the C2DE class is who they really should be working on. Labour are at the high water mark. People couldn't hate the Conservatives more if they tried the only way is up for them. Now what will happen in the future? This will be interesting to see.

What are your thoughts?

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