Thursday 11 April 2013


For the sanity of my marriage and the saving of brownie points for the all nighter which is to come in May, here is the result from last nights by election result. Looks like it didnt come in until after midnight anyway and by such time the pillows from my side of the bed would have not just been thrown down the stairs but laid on the drive outside. Anyways.

RESULT: Luton - Wigmore Ward

Liberal Democrat candidate Alan Michael Skepelhorn has won the Wigmore by-election.

John MAGILL (Independent) 27 - 1.3%
Lance RICHARDSON (UK Independence Party) 230 -11%
Marc SCHEIMANN (Green Party candidate) 62 - 3%
Alan SKEPELHORN (Liberal Democrat) 982 - 46.8%
James TAYLOR (The Labour Party Candidate) 517 - 24.6%
John YOUNG (The Conservative Party Candidate) 281 - 13.4%

Click here to see the last few years results for this ward

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