Saturday 13 April 2013


Labour are really rushing the process, as when they were in power they had little regard for how anything ran. They simply want the result they want because of how things could change if done a different way. This election is going to be rushed through so it won't come out later, thus giving any opponents no chance to get a foot hold or for results from the May 2nd Council election or alter the voting intentions of those in Southshields.

May2nd is good for the Tories get all the bad news out the way at once. For UKIP it is bad as they are more than likely to have a very good May 2nd result showing and this would then impact on any later polling for the Southshields by election. Even May9th though better wouldn't have been great as a lot of the postal ballot papers would have posted and they would have the Eastleigh effect. Lots of people voting for one party before hand and then by the day UKIP winning the actual votes cast in the polling stations.

We will see if they muck things up but here is the schedule.

Issue of writ - Day 0 April 15thReceipt of writ - Day 1 April 15th for this to have any chance of working for labour the issuing and receipt of writ has to be same day.
Last day for publication of election - Day 3
Last day for delivey of nomination papers/withdrawals of candidates - not earlier than Day 6, not later than day 8, to be fixed by ARO
Polling Day - between days 15-17, days 16-18, or days 17-19, to be fixed by the ARO May2nd is still only day 14 from April 15th

I still feel that it will have to be May 9th and the BBC are wrong

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