Thursday 29 January 2015


About 50 for 15

As a British voter, chances are that you don’t live in a marginal constituency. How you vote in May 2015, then, is likely to be pretty much irrelevant. What’s important are the opinions of voters in marginal constituencies.
Beginning with this premise, 50for15 aims to provide independent and rigorous journalism about 50 marginal constituencies, chosen to include as many of the different themes of the general election as possible, that will define the make-up of Britain’s next government.
We strive to look beyond the scandals that will cover the pages of the mainstream media, and instead focus on the local issues and people that will be just as important as much as, if not more than, the rhetoric of Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet.
We have set ourselves the challenge of visiting each and every one of these 50 seats – if you’re involved in politics in one of those constituencies, we’d love you to get in touch.
You might want to take a look at our first article, which explains a bit more about the project. Otherwise, just poke around. And let us know what you think.



50for15’s constituency profiles

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