Friday 2 January 2015

#GE2015 Forecast from UK ELECT

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UK-Elect General Election Forecast January 2015
Latest: Map showing UK-Elect General Election Forecast January 2015. Overall GB poll percentages used were Lab 32% Con 31% UKIP 15% LD 9% Green 6% The poll percentages used in Scotland were: SNP 45%, Lab 25%, Con 14%, Lib Dem 6%, UKIP 5%, Green 4%. The poll percentages used in Wales were: Lab 36%, Con 23%, UKIP 18%, Lib Dem 5%, Green 5%. The UK-Elect experimental custom method was used, with default settings. (Because it is an experimental method the forecast should be regarded as having a higher margin of error than usual.) The overall seat forecast was: Lab 285 Con 269 SNP 51 LD 20 PC 3 GN 2 UKIP 1 Others 19. Details to follow... Click here to try a forecast yourself
More of the most recent UK-Elect election maps are available here - new ones will be added frequently:
A selection of recent election maps created by UK-Elect
UK-Elect General Election Forecast 1st December 2014 (Scottish Constituencies) UK-Elect Scottish Parliament Forecast 26th November 2014 General Election forecast based on Rochester & Strood by-election Labour Vs UKIP percentages(includes by-elections)
UKIP Vs Green Percentages General Election 2010 Forecast gains for Lab 34% Con 31% UKIP 15% LD 8% Gn 7% General Election 2010 - Swings to a party Conservative Percentage Increases at General Election 2010
Relative UKIP percentages at General Election 2010 What if forecast for Con 25% Lab 25% UKIP 25% LD 10% Green 10% Less than 10% majority at GE 2010 - Party in 2nd place Colour mix chart of England showing relative Lab/Con/LD percentages at General Election 2010
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To see more maps, browse the folder. If you prefer to forecast using alternative forecasting methods, your own percentages, the current opinion polls, using tactical voting, or even using different electoral systems, browse the UK-Elect on-line shop. There is a special Christmas discount today! )
New: To try UK-Elect first, use it to create your own maps, and forecast the 2015 General Election, download our free GE Trial Version now! Create your own maps to upload to facebook etc. to show what you think will happen at the next election!
UK-Elect General Elections Edition Trial Version

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