Wednesday 12 June 2013

Latest YOUGOV poll is out and after all the daily details of voting intentions you have the first Question.

Which of these would make the best Prime Minister?

Now Cameron comes out best with 93% of his own current Conservative voters backing him but when you ask the voters who voted Conservative in 2010 only 73% back him.

Ed Miliband has the support of 61% of his own party and 53% of those who voted Labour back in 2010.

Nick Clegg seems to have suffered the most with 42% backing him for PM now and only 15% from those who voted LD in 2010.

Of those who voted libdem in 2010 20% back Miliband for PM 18% back Cameron as the best with only 15% staying with Clegg 47% just don't know.

With an effective or at least admired leader just how much could it change the fortunes of the political parties. On that score Cameron has the least to worry about.

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