Monday 3 June 2013


Each day throws up a new surprise and the list below could be super ceded by another allegation or twist of political fate.

But so far we have

Newark - Current favourite with Mr Patrick Mercer already resigned the whip and depending on which way the lobbying scandal goes may be forced to do a Mr Macshane.

Portsmouth South -  Mike Hancock has had various rumours spread around the net, each day in the job is meant to be his last. Did Clegg know anything or not? Being investigated or not? Can't see Lib Dems want this as a by election but depends on what develops.

Falkirk - Eric Joyce arrested twice and is staying onto his job for grim life. Same again Labour can't/don't want him out. Seems they can't get their own selection process sorted in Falkirk anyway. But you do wonder just what does a MP have to do to lose his job?

If I had been arrested twice and it had a overwhelming bearing on my job. How can you continue it? Are you fit to do your job?

Ribble Valley - Nigel Evans, well its all gone quiet. Rooms been raided allegations thrown. Will have to see how future events unfold.

Sutton Coldfield - Andrew Mitchell, Plebgate scandal man. The reason for the by election has nothing to do with Plebs but more to do with jobs. Rumour has it that he is likely to get a job in Europe thus force him to quit his seat.

Do you know of any other runners and riders?

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