Sunday 2 June 2013


Thanks to Middleenglander for this review of Junes by elections

It looks as though there are 18 by-elections in June 2013
- 2 on 6th June
- 3 on 13th June
- 5 on 20th June
- 8 on 27th June

5 of the contests are in Metropolitan Boroughs which have elections 3 out of 4 years
5 are in Unitary Councils, 3 with annual elections and 2 with the last elections in 2011
5 are in District Councils, 4 with the last elections in 2011 and 1 with annual elections
2 are in Scotland where the last elections were in 2012 and
1 for a County Council where the elections were held on 2nd May 2013.

The Conservatives are defending 8 seats although 1 late Councillor was sitting as UKIP
- 4 are following the death of the former Councillor, 3 resignation including 1 due to ill heath and 1 disqualification due to non attendance
Labour are defending 6 seats - 3 deaths and 3 resignations
Lib Dems, SNP, Independent and UKIP are defending 1 seat each
- SNP and Independent following a death with Lib Dem and UKIP a resignation.

With the nominations in Basildon, Billericay East and Dartford, Newtown awaited there are 84 candidates so far for the 16 sesats
Conservatives are contesting all 16, Labour 14 (not Allerdale & Rutland), Lib Dems 10 (not contesting Kings Lynn & West Norfolk which they are defending)
UKIP are contesting 13, Greens 8, there are 10 Independents contesting 6 seats, TUSAC 4, BNP 3 with SNP 2
whilst Independent Health Concern, Militant Elvis, Newcastle 1st and Pirate Party all contesting 1 seat each.

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