Saturday 29 November 2014

Biggest Ever Bet on UKIP To WIN General Election

Written by Graham Sharpe
Bookmakers William Hill have taken a bet of £870 for Ukip at odds of 50/1 to come out of the General Election with an overall majority and have now slashed their price for that to happen to 40/1, the shortest odds they have ever offered. 'We can't see this happening,political pundits can't see it happening, but punters are betting with hard cash that it will happen.Bookmaking is all about managing liabilities, so therefore we have to amend our odds accordingly' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'It is the biggest single bet we have ever taken for Ukip to win a General Election.'

The biggest bets Hills have taken on the next General Election for a Tory overall majority is £500 and for Labour, £300.

This one single Ukip bet would win the customer, who placed his bet in a Birmingham betting shop, £43,500, and with many other smaller bets already placed Hills are already facing a hefty six figure payout should it happen.

Hills now offer 10/1 that Ukip will end up with No seats at all; 4/1 1-2; 8/1 3-4; 2/5 5 or more; 7/1 50 or more; 16/1 100 or more; 25/1 to be largest single Party; 40/1 to win the Election with an overall majority.


WITH David Cameron keeping his options open with regard to continued membership of the EU and despite an in/out Referendum being promised should the Tories win the General Election. Hills offer 1/4 that there will be no Referendum during the lifetime of the next Government; 11/4 that there will be. And if there IS a Referendum by 2019 Hills offer 4/7 that it will produce a 'Stay in' vote, 5/4 a 'Leave' vote.

'The whole question of whether there will be an EU Referendum or not is far from clear' said Hill's spoesman Graham Sharpe.

OUTCOME OF GENERAL ELECTION.......1/2 No overall majority; 7/2 Con-LD coalition; 7/2 Lab majority; 9/2 Con majority; 9/2 Lab-LD coalition; 6/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 13/2 Coalition involving SNP; 7/1 Con minority govt; 7/1 Lab minority govt; 40/1 Ukip majority; 500/1 Lib Dem majority.

MOST SEATS AT GE....10/11 Con; 10/11 Lab; 25/1 Ukip; 250/1 LD

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