Tuesday 4 November 2014

Why ask the people of Manchester?

Just throwing the question out there, but why ask the people of Manchester if they want a mayor? Be told NO! Then 2 years later give them one anyway. Will Scotland find out in a couple of years time that even though they voted against independence in very similar numbers that they will then be granted independence?

From Wikipedia

The non-political Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, Sir Howard Bernstein, responded to the government's consultation of elected mayors by stating that such a position was not suitable for Manchester.[40] Some analysts and local business leaders have stated their opposition to a mayoral system of local governance in Manchester and have stated the progress Manchester has made over the past 20 years that shows the current system is adequate.[41]
A poll of Mancunians in April 2012 found a majority preferred the current system rather than a mayoral system of local government. The poll also found however that a majority would favour a mayor for the wider Greater Manchester region which include 10 metropolitan boroughs with a combined population of over 2.6 million.[42]
Amongst the local political parties, the leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Manchester City Council publicly declared his support for the proposals,[43] whilst the Manchester Evening News reported that many Labour politicians were "quietly opposed to change".[43]
Manchester Mayoral referendum 2012
Choice Votes  %
Referendum failed No 48,593 53.2
Yes 42,677 46.8
Total votes 91,270 100.00

On 3rd November 2014 it was announced that a directly-elected Mayor for the Greater Manchester region would be introduced with the first Mayoral elections to be held in 2017. [44]

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