Wednesday 26 November 2014

If ASDA run out of money again.

I know this is not anything to do with elections, but why have a platform if not from time to time it can be used.

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Last Sunday I was lucky enough to win 25 pounds on the Saturday night draw. So I went back to the store I got the ticket from and tried to collect my winnings, and then to celebrate I would go and purchase a bottle of bubbly to go with our Sunday Lunch for me and the good lady.

I was only greeted with the phrase "We have run out of money!"

Hold the front page! Asda have run out of money? The stock market reverberations on Monday morning would be immense. It seems though that not only had they run out of money, but they had also run out of Managers when I asked to speak with one.

It seems the cash office closed at 2pm, I had gone at 3pm, and anyone wanting to be paid out between 2pm when said cash office closed and 4pm when the store closed was out of luck, which is funny because it is luck which had brought them to the store to collect their winnings.

I won't bore you with the completely inept staff and call centre who failed to deal with the complaint.

But I did contact the National Lottery asking them. Could an outlet turn away a winning ticket? Here is their reply, which you may find useful if you also are greeted with the same problem. I never knew that certain Till-Point terminals can pay it onto your debit or credit card.

I hope you find the information useful.

Reply from Camelot (National Lottery Customer Care Team)

I am sorry to hear you have had reason to complain about your local National Lottery retailer.

We are constantly reviewing all of our retailers to determine performance. If certain retailers fail to comply with our standards then suitable alternatives will be looked at.

Up to and including £100 can be claimed in cash from your local Retailer (up to £50 at selected Retailers with Till-point Terminals). Retailers may pay Prizes from £100 to £500 in cash, but are not obliged to. Certain Retailers with Till-point Terminals can pay Prizes onto a winner's debit or credit card. If the Retailer cannot process your Ticket, please contact The National Lottery Line on 0845 9 100 000 for information on how to claim your Prize.

I hope the information provided has been helpful.

Yours sincerely

National Lottery Customer Care Team 

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