Monday 10 November 2014

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It seems in our haste to put out the numbers that we may have unwittingly made it look as though YOUGOV were saying that the voting intentions for Wales were as laid out in some of our tweets from yesterday. This is not the case. it was ourselves taking numbers from the respondents to certain questions.

Why? Because there are so few polls for Wales, so you almost have to do detective work to figure out the intentions of the electorate. Yougov themselves lump Wales into the English Midlands.

Now the smaller the sample the bigger the risk for faults so this is why they say they do it. but our intention was to show by reason of elimination that of over 700 respondents to a question that the % is how they were broken down when done by voting intentions. this of course did not take into account, weighting or other parties or don't knows / refusers.

It was meant as general information.

Hope that made sense?  


YOUGOV are the only polling company whom do monthly polls for Wales, my comment is in association with their daily polls which has picked up comments from people for not subdividing Wales

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