Friday, 3 April 2015

Survation/Daily Mirror - General Election Poll IV

Sample size: 1207
Fieldwork dates: 10pm 2nd April - 12pm 3rd April 2015
Method: GB adults interviewed online

Headline Voting Intention (with change in brackets since Daily Mirror Poll 25th March):*

LAB 33% (NC); CON 31% (NC); UKIP 18% (+1); LD 9% (NC); SNP 5% (NC); GRE 3% (-1); OTH 1% (NC)

Party Leader Approval Ratings

Q. Thinking about the past month, do you approve or disapprove of how X has been doing their job as Y?

Commenting on the poll findings, Damian Lyons Lowe Chief Executive of Survation who conducted the poll said:

"The standout results of this poll, conducted since the Leader's debate Thursday- and on the heels of the Cameron/Milband Q&A session are the party leader approval ratings.

Whilst all seven leaders have seen some improvement in their approval ratings since the last Survation/Mirror poll - Nicola Sturgeon enjoying the largest increase - these two events have been a real boost for Ed Miliband, who has made such significant approval gains (+8 points)  that the Labour leader, for the first time is a net positive for the Labour Party on this measure

Footnote on rounding:
25 Mar (unrounded): CON 31.6%; LAB 33.1%; LD 8.3%; UKIP 17.8%; SNP 4.4%; GRE 3.9%; OTHER 1.0%
3rd April (unrounded): LAB 33.3; CON 31.5; LD 8.7; UKIP 18.4; SNP 4.6; GRE 2.5; OTH 1.0=> CON appears in the tables to round up to 32% but, using unrounded figures, it actually rounds down to 31%. There is no change from the previous poll because the unrounded in March was 31.6%, and now is 31.5%.

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