Wednesday 1 May 2013


 If you follow my POLITICAL POP CHART the most common question I am asked is about the numbers on the right hand side and how does it all work.

So I hope this little review will help. Alexa rank all websites and blogs in the world by the amount of traffic they get.

So as of today for the UK


Then you have the likes of

AMAZON ranked 5 in the UK, BBC is ranked 7 and wikipedia ranked 10

So you will notice the number to the right is the UK ranking for that political website. So when you look at how I rank the websites you will see for instance see UKIP 6,232. So UKIP are ranked as 6,232th busiest site in the UK. The Labour Party website is 6,433th so when I look at them I would put UKIP first as they have a higher ranking then the Labour Party.

This explains why you have the list with the lowest number at the top and highest number at the bottom. The number is simply your Party's website place against other websites in the UK.

There is a point where a website/blog does not have enough traffic to be ranked on an individual basis for the country. So that is when I use the global ranking score. It is much bigger and it is like the country ranking your ranking against other websites in the world.

At present my blog is ranked 16,348,564 so there is 16,348,563 sites and blogs that have more traffic then my blog. That number will get lower the higher up the ranking I go.

The ALEXA site does a check every day, so your ranking can change on a daily basis. I have chosen to do it on the last day or first of the month. So we have a fixed point and will see more of a trend and not just a blip hopefully.

Your site gets busier but your ranking hasn't risen? All those other sites might have seen increases as well. Your ranking is in comparison with other websites. So you may have got more visitors but others may have increased by more.

If it shows no data? There is a point at which it simply just doesn't give a score for a site at present it ranks around 30 million sites. So to get a score on the site is an achievement in itself. Sometimes though it won't give you an individual ranking for sub sites of a larger website. For instance if you have a proboard forum it will only show the ranking for Proboards the main company. It does however show individual rankings for blogspot and wordpress.

I hope this is of help, any questions just leave me a comment.

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